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About Monkey River Eco Tours - Belize

Monkey River Eco Tours have been providing our guests with exceptional standard of service, with the aim of making our tours environmental and educational friendly. Our guides are all licensed and registered with the Belize Tourism Board. Monkey River Eco Tours was founded by Alfonso Ralph Zuniga and family in 1998. Ralph, the Naturalist and bird Ecologist, is the C.E.O of the company. Mr. Zuniga is also one of the prominent stake holder in the village and, actively participates in community and environmental projects for protection and sustainable growth in eco tourism.

Bird with Fish - Monkey River Eco Tour Monkey River iguana turtle at Monkey river

Monkey River Eco Tours: Moto

Our Moto is: "Preserving Our jewel for future Generation". We work with several resorts, hotels, villas and guest houses countrywide. Hopkins, Placencia Peninsula and Punta Gorda are all within an hour of Monkey River Village.

We provide tours for sailing yachts like the Moorings Belize, small cruise ships and more. Our tours are organized to guarantee our guests an Unforgettable Experience in Monkey River, Belize.

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