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Monkey River Tour

12 miles south of placencia lie the sub tropical rain forest along the bank of the monkey River. Your up river ride casting your eyes on the beautiful flora and fauna where your guide will point out various birds like, toucan, heron, Tanager and more. Iguanas dive into the water, troop of Howler monkeys race through the trees, crocodile's sun along the bank of the river. Stop for a hike through the jungle, were your guide will point out herbal plants use for herbal medicines, tarantulas, snakes monkeys and if lucky you may spot a tapir a deer or even a jaguar.

monkey river trip

A stop, in the village to have the chance to taste local and international dishes at the Black Coral Restaurant. The coast of Belize provide ideal habitant for the West Indian Manatee, which is warm and shallow, the turtle grass is their main diet in this area.  

So come and experience it with us, watching the largest costal mammals (manatee) in their natural feeding habitant along the sea grass bed, between placencia and Monkey River coastline.

river turtle River Bird crocodile

Activity level: light to moderate
What to bring: Tennis shoes or hiking boots Short are ok during the dry season, long pants is prefer since this is an inland tour. Light weight T-shirt long shelve or change of clothes, sun screen, hat, bottled water, bug spray, binoculars camera and cash if you're interested in buying souvenirs.

*Price $65.00 USD per person min of 4person*
Dose not include lunch and tax

Monkey River Village - Belize